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Hard drive failure fallout continues – Carbonite almost to the rescue! 12232011

Most everyone who knows me knows I soap box about backups! Well I got burned this time and it is my own fault so I hope everyone can learn a lesson from me.

I use Carbonite, and sell it promote it and even warn people about some of the got ya’s that I know about. But, once again I fell into my own fatal flaw.  Video and large files must be manually triggered for their initial backups.  During the summer I had some issue with Carbonite on one of my systems and forgot this “Golden Rule”.  When my hard drive crashed this week I got most of my stuff back, but realized I am missing a bunch of video files, and yes I will never get them back.

So, to remind everyone if you are using Carbonite, please remember for Large Files, Videos and a few other types of files found in this list and instructions, you must manually start their backups.

I am not saying that Carbonite is a bad tool because it is not, I recovered most of my files because of Carbonite. I was aware of this issue although it should not have to be done this way, but it was an oversight on my part, don’t let it be one on yours.

In the near future we will be testing new backup software part of our manage monitoring software, that will allow us to assist in ensuring you are backing up what you need.

I hope this is a tip that all my Carbonite users will benefit from. Have a happy holiday.

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