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Increase performance reduce risk of drop or vibration damage 12242011

Solid State Drives or SSD no mechanical parts! SSD drive are coming down in price but not as inexpensive as regular plater drives. However, with the shortage for drives due to issues in Thailand SSD drives may be a good alternative for some. SSD Drives under 125GB are at some of their lowest prices ever. Drives over 125GB are down but still a little higher than the average Joe is willing to spend. But, if you want to improve performance and make your laptop a little resistant to travel damage at least for the data the SSD drives may be the trick.

240G SSD drives are retailing in the mid $300.00 range and up depending on Manufacture. Some companies are producing a retail kit that even includes a bracket to allow use in a 3.5″ bay of a desktop.  Check these drives out and their benefits from Corsair, SanDiskOCZ and Intel.

If you are looking to upgrade contact E2 Computers for pricing availability and service to assist in installing the drive. Purchase a drive and service to install/format and request $15.00 off labor for the SSD install, format, OS clone or clean install. Discount code IntallMySSD15.

A techie treat for you existing or new systems from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com and www.computerrepair-florida.com.

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