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FB may IPO, Sopa, Pipa and the Anti Child Porn regulation – 01312012

News of interest in your and my world. FaceBook appears to be preparing for their IPO.  This will be a huge IPO according to CIO Insight and others it may be the largest IT IPO ever. For more information check out Facebook to File for IPO Feb. 1: WSJ Report from CIO Insight. Why did […]

What companies revenue exceeds the GDP of 105 countries? 01272012

Imagine a single quarter revenue exceeding the GDP of 105 countries. What about a net income that exceeded all the income of the Major League baseball players by 5 times. This company added 85 million users to their cloud service in just 3 months. These are just a few of the incredible statistics for Apple […]

Free _____ offer that are not so free. 01232012

Have you been getting free offers from everything like Pizza Hut to Outback or a chance to review your favorite web site like FaceBook? Does the email look like this: What’s your opinion of Outback Steakhouse? Tell us for a $500 Gift Card! Re:$500 Gift Card for s***** Congratulations! You’ve been selected to take our […]

Gyros and Sefood Express opens in Tarpon Spings. 01222012

Quietly on Christmas Eve the Gyros and Seafood Express opened in Tarpon Springs.  Noticeable because of the old school neon lights in the windows of the restaurant that was closed a few months ago next to the Waffle House in Tarpon.  This Gyros place sits across from our office so we have had several chance […]

Burger 21 creativity makes it special. 01222012

Burger wars now moves to Burger 21 and we may be held hostage for a long time here.  Now you may think B21 has an advantage being that one of mine works there but lets get past that now. Burger 21 is high on our list because they have a creative and eclectic assortment of […]

BurgerMonger gives Kobe has a new home. 01182012

BurgerMonger uses Akaushi Kobe beef, and it special.  I recently had the opportunity to eat at BurgerMonger it is about my 3rd visit and I figured it was time to review the joint.  I have only had Burgers so I can not tell you how the Dogs or Chicken is but I will be the […]

War in the thin market of laptops is on. 01182012

War in the thin market of laptops is on and where are we going next, AMD fires it first round on this issue. Intel announced the Ultranotebooks to great fanfare at CES 2012.  I seems like the only thing out shining the Ultranotebooks was the announcement of the 55″ OLED TV.  Well a week later […]

Nine technologies worth your money – 01132012

New technology is all around us, from 4mm thin tvs to ultranotbooks there was no shortage of new stuff at the CES in Vegas.  CIO Insights Don Reisinger reviews Nine Technologies Worth your Money in 2012.  The tech he is referring to may not be your corporate tech but some personal ideas to make your […]

CES 2012 Ultras and Tablets – ASUS Memo 370T – 01112012

Asus teases CES goers with the Memo 370T. We are a big supporter of Asus products here at E2 Computers so as we are reading the reviews from CES we were glad to see this one. Asus Memo 370T identified as a game change by CNET.  It is going to be a Quad Core tablet […]

Electronic recycling 01012012

It is the beginning of a new year and many have gotten new “Electronic Gadgets”.  E2 Computers will take in limited amounts of recycling items please call us before you attempt to drop off items. Since we have moved to a smaller office we are a little more restricted in what we will take.  TV’s […]