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Electronic recycling 01012012

It is the beginning of a new year and many have gotten new “Electronic Gadgets”.  E2 Computers will take in limited amounts of recycling items please call us before you attempt to drop off items. Since we have moved to a smaller office we are a little more restricted in what we will take.  TV’s and old CRTs are too large and hazardous for us to handle on a regular basis so again especially for these items check with the store.

Computers/Laptops that especially 1-3 years old we are interested in for spare parts, most of the time we take them as donation to facilitate not being sent to the landfills. If you are planning on purchasing new equipment with us we will consider price and labor cost adjustments based on the value of your recyclable. 

Additionally for other recycling options we have partnered with D&H and Engaged Recycling. ER will estimate the value of working items and give you that money in the form of a PrePaid Visa card.  Note: many items have values way lower than you would expect. Please don’t be overly disappointed as the goal here is to prevent electronics from entering the waste stream. Additionally because the price of electronics has dropped so drastically the price paid for used equipment is becoming almost non-existing.  So do it for the environment.

A eco friendly tip from the techies at E2 Computers www.end2endsupport.com and www.gotavirusbug.com

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