CES 2012 Ultras and Tablets – ASUS Memo 370T – 01112012

Asus teases CES goers with the Memo 370T. We are a big supporter of Asus products here at E2 Computers so as we are reading the reviews from CES we were glad to see this one.

Asus Memo 370T identified as a game change by CNET.  It is going to be a Quad Core tablet but priced at or slightly lower than many of the Dual Core tablets currently on the market.

Additionally Nvidia talked about tablets and the Tegra 3 which Roger Cheng discuses on the live blog, after Jen-Hsun spoke on the CES Stage.

Both companies were talking about the Tegra3 chip on a 7″ tablet and the price would be about $250.00. Check out the Michelle Meyers discussion Nvidea and Asus take on the Kindle, Nook with $249 tablet.

This is just the beginning of the falling price tags. Interesting is that these all appear to be Droid based devices, what is going to happen to Windows?

Another interesting note is that this is the last year Microsoft is going to be a keynote partner at CES, I am not sure why. I hope to find that answer soon.

CES 2012 brief from E2 Computers www.end2endsupport.com and www.gotavirusbug.com.

Update 01122012 – Asus Memo 370T wins CES 12 Best of Show (Tablet catagory).

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