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Nine technologies worth your money – 01132012

New technology is all around us, from 4mm thin tvs to ultranotbooks there was no shortage of new stuff at the CES in Vegas.  CIO Insights Don Reisinger reviews Nine Technologies Worth your Money in 2012

The tech he is referring to may not be your corporate tech but some personal ideas to make your life 1 step easier or more fun.

Check out the list:

  1. Apple iPhone5
  2. Apple iPad3
  3. Windows 8 Tablet (yes windows 8)
  4. Windows 8 PC
  5. A New Kindle (Fire or the next gen)
  6. Ultrabook (all the rage at CES 2012)
  7. Apple Television (this is not your original apple TV device)
  8. Video Streaming (Don feels Netflix is a good buy at 7.99/mo)
  9. SmartPhone Apps

This is just one reviewers short list of interesting technology for 2012.

After seeing so videos and awards from the CES 2012 show I would definitely put my money as I already do on Asus and Lenovo. They have two very nice entries in the Table arena.  Asus is the Memo which I wrote about in a previous blog.

Lenovo is adding the convertible called the Yoga. It is a flexible ultra that can flip into many positions including a Tablet. Check out ANANDTECHS review of the Yoga 13.  It gets there praise.

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