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BurgerMonger gives Kobe has a new home. 01182012

BurgerMonger uses Akaushi Kobe beef, and it special.  I recently had the opportunity to eat at BurgerMonger it is about my 3rd visit and I figured it was time to review the joint.  I have only had Burgers so I can not tell you how the Dogs or Chicken is but I will be the Dogs have a good home here to as they are also made of Kobe beef.

The Burgers are way better than average, but I will not say they are the best I have ever had.  I like the food and their fries our crazy good.  I am a Fry-aholic and this is not a place for me to try to quit eating fries. They are Natural cut and based on the way the feel and taste, I will bet they go through a 2 Fry method like some of my favorite places in Chicago. 

Milk shakes are on the Large size like 1.5 glasses large. Worth the money but they are not going to set you back $5 to $5.50.

Staff was very energetic especially the young lady at the order desk. She has the menu almost verbatim in her head and she is very likable.  The cooks on the day we were there seemed to like to argue in foreign tounges but was not too distracting from our experience, and the Manager makes his rounds ensuring everything was to the liking. A very nice touch. I would say Customer service was well worth the experience.

Back to Fries for one more tasty review, did I say they were really good. Not only that but you get to order them by tonnage, ok maybe by the pound is more realistic as they have  .5, 1, and 1.5 pound portions on their menu. They also offer Chilli Cheese Fries for those who can not get enough of the Kobe Beef.

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Ok the main item for last the Burger. This is truly a Ground Steak and to top it off “KOBE” Beef.  Ah the idea of massaging my meat before it becomes dinner almost like aging a fine wine or bourbon.  Is it truly better? Yes the burgers are very good they make them three ways Monger, Double Monger, and Monster Monger by the way this is a 14.99 burger so you must bring extra cash if your usual idea of a burger is Mc Donalds.  Not trying to insult anyone here but a MC D and Monger do not compare in any way. So what makes The BurgerMonger special well it is how you dress up your burger as there Chefs have got some special condiments you know like Ketchup, Mustard, Onion and Pickle, ok not what are the real special condiments. Some of the Chefs specials include Onion Slaw (an oniony take on coleslaw), Chai Chipolte Chup (one of my favorites), Mustard Kraut, Balsamic Glazed Tomatoes, Garlic Goodness Sauce (didn’t know they had this when I was there).  Additional items in the Premium Toppings include Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon, Brie Cheese, Amish Blue Cheese, Fried Egg, Guac, and Fresh Mozzarella. You can also add Chilli and Shredded Jack.

If you are in Tampa I would definitely add this to your places to try, while I like 5-Guys who gets great reviews the BurgerMonger is way ahead because they are not selling the smash burger. Yes flattened burgers have there own place in my list of burgers.  Check out the BurgerMonger web site for there locations and menu, and then visit the restaurant and let them know we sent you.

Ratings: 1 Byte – Low to 5 Bytes – High:
The BurgerMonger gets 4.5 Bytes

A fun review of the BurgerMonger from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com.

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