War in the thin market of laptops is on. 01182012

War in the thin market of laptops is on and where are we going next, AMD fires it first round on this issue.

Intel announced the Ultranotebooks to great fanfare at CES 2012.  I seems like the only thing out shining the Ultranotebooks was the announcement of the 55″ OLED TV. 

Well a week later and interesting news was dished from eWeek.com. In Jeffrey Burt’s article AMD ‘Ultrathin’ Notebooks to Undercut Intel Ultrabooks by $200.00: Report” it looks like AMD is not going to sit sidelined in this venue.  He presents how 20 models are going to be based on the Trinity platform which is AMD’s “ultrathin”, and thin-and-light notebooks.  DigiTimes reported that AMD has targeted June as the launch date for the new platform. 

In the same article from DigiTimes it suggests that HP, Acer and Asus will be among the vendors to Launch on the Trinity Platform.

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All predictions seem to indicate that the prices in this space either Intel or AMD will continue to fall as the manufactures move to their new platforms and chip series.

How low can it go!!!!

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