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Gyros and Sefood Express opens in Tarpon Spings. 01222012

Quietly on Christmas Eve the Gyros and Seafood Express opened in Tarpon Springs.  Noticeable because of the old school neon lights in the windows of the restaurant that was closed a few months ago next to the Waffle House in Tarpon.  This Gyros place sits across from our office so we have had several chance to savor the flavor. 

Their specialty is a intriguing combination Seafood and Gyros.  Their prices are outstanding as they are a true bargain for many of the dishes.

Gyros in the heart of one of the largest Greek communities in Florida and the US it is tough to compete.  With Helas, Mamas, Mr. Soulvaki only a stones throw away they do not have a chance. But with a deal like 5 Bucks Gyros, fries and drink this is a place to have lunch, or dinner. The Gyros is a pretty standard affair but I will say they do one thing only the best of place seems to do, put the Tzaziki on top not on the Pitta, saves the pitta from falling apart.  However, they have not been serving it straight from the spit which is disappointing, The do have the Gyros spinning on the spit, but they seem to pre-slice it and pull it from the warming tray. Shame on you guys the Gyros is best when slightly browned as it is being sliced.

Seafood not  something the area has had and it is a welcomed addition, from fish, catfish, shrimp, scallops and more.  They server it fried, scampi, and blackened.  I have sampled the medium shrimp, scallops and fish sandwich and would say it was pretty good all were fried. The batter could use a little more seasoning but for the price it was well worth it.  Currently they are running a 5 buck 20 shrimp, fires and drink deal.  One of the sides they offer includes hushpuppes while they taste great their size needs to be improved as these are some of the smallest puppies I have ever been served.  Price on the seafood is extremely competitive when comparing to Long John Silvers but LJS may have a little edge on flavor at this point.

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Fried Chicken and stuff.  Chicken, strips, wings, livers and gizzards oh my!  They have an appeal to almost everyone how eats a little southern style cooking. I have been told the Livers and Gizzards are good but they are not my cup of tea.  I have tried the wings and they do them well, not breaded they are fried naked and the sauces are not fancy simple Mild, Medium or Hot.  These wings are not the little fake wings but a decent size and still have the tips attached, and they also have the drumette style in the pile. We tried the 20 Wings and Fries for $9.99 and it was enough to share.

They have added weekly lunch specials for $4.99 including the fish sandwich, burger and a couple of other main items.

Check out the Gyros and Seafood Express on US Highway 19 N. a block or so south of MLK in Tarpon Springs.  No menu available on line at this time.

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Gyros and Seafood Express gets 3.0 Bytes

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