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iPad 3 expected to be revealed March 7th – 02292012

Ok so you just got your iPad 2 and now the iPad 3 is coming. Well that is just technology for you. It appears that we may se an appearance of the iPad 3 on the 7th. In an post from CIO Insight the said that Apple has sent an invitation to the media:  Apple will […]

So you use carbonite? 02272012

I am a current subscriber to Carbonite for my backups. If you are too are you sure everything is getting backed up? This is not in anyway a post to slam Carbonite or any other backup vendor.  I am writing this to remind my customers, and followers that Carbonite does not always back up files […]

Pixel Tags, Pay Pal what is it? – 02262012

Pixel Tags being used in Pay Pal transactions and other security measures. I recently received a policy update notice from PayPal normal stuff from credit card companies and banks.  Changes being made to ensure your security, or more ways to protect their interests.  One of the updates is how they use Cookies and Pixel Tags. I […]

Ever feel like shooting your computer, or your kids? 02252012

Computers and what you can do with them can be frustrating and even daunting to try to control your kids and what they do with them.  Has it gotten to the point where you feel the only way out is to take a bullet to the computer? If you do remember we will be here […]

Clean Up your computer day 2nd week in February – 02232012

Clean Up your computer day? I think this is a fictitious day created to help boost the sales of software utilities, canned air, and screen cleaner.  However, it is a good idea!  This is a good opportunity to bring your computer in to our shop for a basic tune-up and lint cleaning. For the rest […]

Fast food Grouper in Tarpon Springs – 02202012

Looking for something fast but not a burger?  How about Grouper in a sandwich or on the plate. Starting around $6.00 you can get a Grouper Sandwich from Seafood & Gyros on US Hwy 19.  Grouper blackened on the flattop not fried was a pretty decent lunch, I had the 2 piece fish plate with […]

E2 Computers opens Amazon aStore – 02202012

Check out our Amazon affiliate store aStore. We are opening new avenues for customers to purchase products both Computer relate and non computer products. We hope that you will still come to our shop for most of your purchases but we know that in today’s market that many customers are looking for convenience and pricing […]

E2 Computers pricing beats it’s competition – 02172012

We try to be as competitive as possible and we believe we ar very fair with our pricing. This is a current competitor’s ad (Staples): In Shop: On our tech bench virus cleanup & Tune-Up Reg. $160.00 (80.00 for each service if required).With our multi-service discount $95.95 that is over a 40% savings. During February […]

What does 180 days mean to your email in the cloud? 02142012

Holy cow after 180 days if you leave mail in the cloud it allows the Feds to read your email? Sound to stupid to be true well here is the facts: “As the law stands now, the authorities may obtain cloud e-mail without a warrant if it is older than 180 days, thanks to the […]

E2 Computers is selling on Amazon – 02092012

Check out some items that we have for sale on Amazon.  Our store has had a few sales and we want more people to be aware that we are listing product. Currently we have External Drives, Cooling Fans, and Ear Buds for charity. We are selling special ear buds to collect for JW Michell High […]