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What does 180 days mean to your email in the cloud? 02142012

Holy cow after 180 days if you leave mail in the cloud it allows the Feds to read your email? Sound to stupid to be true well here is the facts:

“As the law stands now, the authorities may obtain cloud e-mail without a warrant if it is older than 180 days, thanks to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act adopted in 1986. At that time, e-mail left on a third-party server for six months was considered to be abandoned, and thus enjoyed less privacy protection. However, the law demands warrants for the authorities to seize e-mail from a person’s hard drive.” lesson learned here may be not to leave email in the cloud, and download it through you reader.  BTW not all readers automatically remove the mail from the server side so check with the tool you are using.

Why mention this, I happened to hear this in a discussion and thought it just could not be the case but it does appear to be law.  President Obama apparently is urging senators not to approve laws that would protect the email in the cloud, if this is true “Shame on you”. By the way no that parts of the government are storing email in Gmail systems is their email subject to the same rules. I think the office of the President should look carefully at this and push for better protection or someday something could be read that was supposed to be private and confidential.

Stock reform in the government and government employees. Why do they need special laws for the lawmakers, doesn’t the Insider trading rules apply directly to them. If they are aware of information that could effect the market of a companies stock then they should be banned from trading until that information is public.  If Martha Stewart could get caught then every politician that has made this type of trade should be prosecuted their position does not make them exempt from insider trading laws, so the question really is why do we ignore and not prosecute these offenders?

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