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Fast food Grouper in Tarpon Springs – 02202012

Looking for something fast but not a burger?  How about Grouper in a sandwich or on the plate. Starting around $6.00 you can get a Grouper Sandwich from Seafood & Gyros on US Hwy 19. 

Grouper blackened on the flattop not fried was a pretty decent lunch, I had the 2 piece fish plate with fries and a drink. The Grouper is a little more than the fish plate on the menu but I thought it was worth it.  S&G did a nice job with the spices and the portions were of good size.  I have reviewed Seafood & Gyros before so for more on them check out my earlier blog.

Check out Seafood and Gyros they are one of the better deals in town with 2 for 1 Gyros, 5.00 meal specials, and all sorts of non-traditional fast food items.

A meal idea and great deal from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com. Always enjoying a good meal and new places to eat.

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