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Clean Up your computer day 2nd week in February – 02232012

Clean Up your computer day? I think this is a fictitious day created to help boost the sales of software utilities, canned air, and screen cleaner.  However, it is a good idea!  This is a good opportunity to bring your computer in to our shop for a basic tune-up and lint cleaning.

For the rest of February mention this post and receive a Tune-Up and Blow-out for $75.00 (Regular price  $95.00).

Additional things to consider at this time for general maintenance: 

  1. Clean-up un-needed files from your personal folders. These would be picture, music, and documents you may no longer need.
  2. Uninstall programs no longer used.
  3. Remove desktop icons that you are not using.
  4. Delete temporary files.
  5. Delete temporary internet files.
  6. Windows XP users may want to run defrag.
  7. Vista and Win 7 users make sure your defrag tool is running, this is a lite version of disk keeper that is always running in the background.
  8. Dust fans.
  9. Dust keyboards.

There are many utility packages out there for assisting in the tune-up process, but we continually see that customers over use, and expect too much from the tools.  Use caution when searching for registry cleaners, tuners, and make my pc go faster tools, there are many scam tools out there.  We are currently only marketing one company’s product in our store and web site. Iolo produces several useful utilities including a drive scrubber for when you want to destroy data from a drive.

One technical note from our experience: We do not leave these products running on our computers full time, the products do install and set them selves up, but any product that runs all the time cuts performance. So we usually install the software, run the utilities we use and then uninstall the product when we are finished.

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