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Ever feel like shooting your computer, or your kids? 02252012

Computers and what you can do with them can be frustrating and even daunting to try to control your kids and what they do with them.  Has it gotten to the point where you feel the only way out is to take a bullet to the computer? If you do remember we will be here to get you back up and running, not necessarily with the one you shot but we can help you settle in on a new one.

Take a look at what one father did after he read a post of Facebook by his 15 year old daughter.  This is an extreme use of a computer and not recommended by the techies at E2 Computers but you may still enjoy the video.  It has gone viral since it was posted on February 8th.

Surprisingly there seems to be other video on YouTube similar to this.  I guess Tommy Jordan is not the only one who feels this way.

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