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So you use carbonite? 02272012

I am a current subscriber to Carbonite for my backups. If you are too are you sure everything is getting backed up?

This is not in anyway a post to slam Carbonite or any other backup vendor.  I am writing this to remind my customers, and followers that Carbonite does not always back up files of large sizes especially Video, and Backup format files.

Most of these can be accomplished manually unless you are using more expensive versions of Carbonite, that does it automatically. See chart below:

I am putting this notice out there as I am seeing more failures of hard drives and damage from simple drops of external drives, to lightning damage and in Florida we will be entering that season soon.  Also, many of the all you can eat storage services like Mozy, and Carbonite do not allow you to backup externally attached hard drives. 

So again if you are like many users and move pictures and music to a second drive to keep your main hard drive clean you may want to look at how you are protecting files on these secondary drives.

If you never have considered cloud based storage or do not understand why it is becoming so popular here are some simple reasons:

  1. Storage is getting cheaper.
  2. Internet bandwidth and speeds to the end user are increasing which make it possible to upload the data to a remote location.
  3. Hard drive maintenance for the average user is not a task they want to do.
  4. Remote access, many backup services will allow the user to login through the web and download files that they want access to without restoring all their files.
  5. Hard drive hardware and maintenance is off-loaded to 3rd party.  Already referenced in #3 but this is an important concept. Most data media will go bad, it’s just a matter of when. Even CD/DVD’s go bad.

It is important to choose companies that you believe will be around for a while, and consider still maintaining a set of backups locally. The remote should be thought of as disaster recovery. 

We are looking in to adding a new partner to our Backup services, currently we are an affiliate publisher for Carbonite. Which means if you sign-up through are links we get a small commission.

Carbonite Never Worry About Your Backup Again 

Also Mozy

Protect Your Computer Files-Box

Now we have added SOS Backup to our Affiliates as well. 

Back up to 5 PC's - Get 25% off!

We are also looking to become a Branded Reseller for SOS Backup and would like to hear from small business and users that will be looking to build a relationship with us to assist in managing their backups and have more data than the average consumer usually > than 50G.
For more information about SOS and to let us know that you are interested please drop us your information at SOS@end2endsupport.com.

A technical reminder about your backups from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com, E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs. 

Also visit our web sites at www.gotagvirusbug.com and www.end2enddomains.com.


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