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How is your computer or network feeling today? – 03022012

E2 computers is continuing to move towards Remote Support and Managed Support for our business and non-business clients. We are making small steps and still looking for customers that want better methods of support than what they currently have.

This is not a claim that we are better than any other company, this is an offer to assist you or your organization reach a different level of support than what you currently have.  

On of our commitments will include offering more, and better products, a we build more solid relationships with the correct vendors and identify better solutions that offer rock solid products in many areas that we already have experience in and new products as they become available. In a nutshell we will utilize new tools and add them to our arsenal as part of our Managed Services tools.

So what is it we can do for you today. 

Do you have eyes on what is really going on with your computer or computers? How about daily evaluation of the state of these machines? If your body could report  at least once a day to the doctor to say “I am OK” or “I might have something wrong” would it be helpful? How about if you computers could?  Would it be nice to hear from your IT or Tech support “Guy” hey we may have a problem before it is you pulling out your hair trying to find your “Guy” because the system has failed.  Well thats what Monitoring and Managed services is all about in an plain language explanation. 

Now in fairness to your “Guy” I will say it is impossible to catch all problems preemtively but if you are not asking you network or computer what’s wrong on a daily basis and getting a real response from it you have no chance of being ahead of the old 8-Ball.

So how do we get started? If you are looking for a new computer and you want this type of responsive management, the answer would be by a Lenovo system though us with one of our Care Packages (E2 Care).  On Lenovo systems it will include 3 Year hardware warranty and we will assist in getting warranty work completed. Managed system monitoring, managed and monitored antivirus, help desk support, remote repair (when possible), depot repair at our location, and on-site (depending on location there may be a small fee.)

Looking to add this type of treatment “E2 Care” to existing systems, we will customize quotes based on level of care and condition of equipment.  We want you to be comfortable with your IT needs. 

Geek speak is often spoken here but we do try to help our clients understand the basics in a language that is more suitable for normal conversation.

Support, care and feeding of you systems from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs Florida.

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