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Going on vacation help us earn a bonus while you save and relax. 04302012

Want to save a little on a getaway? Try our links to expedia and help us earn a bonus. See what Expedia has to offer! Find the best travel deals on Expedia! Save up to $500 when you book your flight and hotel together on Expedia! Travel discounts form out affiliates. This may help you […]

Consumer vs Business class computers. 04302012

I have often tried but failed to impress upon my customers the reasons that business class systems are better.  Often it is little things like warranties, quality of the components, and versions of the Operating System.  The following is an excerpt from a SpiceHeads community forum posting that talks about exactly this issue.  … What […]

GoFlex Satellite storage on the go – 04262012

Looking for lots of storage when traveling or just less wires?  Seagate is introducing the GoFlex Satellite. The unique feature of this storage device is that it connects via a wifi signal to another wifi device. It is a perfect way to add storage to your iPad or Table that has a small internal ssd […]

Yahoo is dumping 2000 Employees – 04222012

To save over $375 Million dollars Yahoo will be releasing over 2000 employees.  It is going to cost the giant 1.2 to 1.4 million in expenses but it must do what it needs to do.  According to the Baseline Intelligence article on 4/4/2012, rumors of the layoffs started a month ago.  2000 people represent about […]

Meatloaf added to Ruby Tuesday’s menu – 04212012

Ok the kid in you want’s to say eeew! But, seriously Ruby Tuesday is serving meatloaf, Triple Prime Meatloaf.  Like most places that meatloaf the portion is a decent size but always leaves you wanting more.  So why did I decide to blog about Meatloaf, simple it was pretty darn good.  While meatloaf to most […]

Flashback Trojan not your PC problem but if you have a MAC… 04132012

FlashBack Trojan found on Macs. Are you infected? Yes I know you have a Mac and you never get viruses that’s why they are better than PC’s. We have heard that for years and have always told our customers Mac will have there day too. Flashback – its goal is to inject itself into the […]

Hot dogs tried 3 and the results are in! – 04102012

For anyone who knows me and food I am a huge fan of good hot dogs, especially Chicago Dogs.  In my recent expedition for food I visited three restaurants that I have been to more than once in the Tampa area. Burger Monger, Burger 21 and Henry’s Chicaago Style. If you are searching for a replica of […]

E911 a good idea a decade ago how is it today? 04062012

E911 seems like a good idea even today if it weren’t for those darn cellular phones.  I may be wrong but how effective is the system when people no longer use land lines and Cell Phones are the norm for both Companies and Private individuals. I have more customers in my office today that tell […]

The newest Intel Xeon chip (real techy talk) – 04052012

So everyone always asks what’s new? The answer everything but Intel is proud of changes it made to its existing Xeon processors. These are faster, faster and faster but also way more energy efficient.  I am not a super techy nerd on this issue I just build, sell them and try to maintain them when […]

Sound off on hiring a Twitter specialist for a councilman – 04042012

Should political figures already in office be using tax payer money for Twitter image management and content.  I am sure that many Twitter and marketing professionals will say sure why not? But, is that the right way to spend taxpayers money. Check out this article found at about Councilman Jim Kenney using ChatterBlast, ” […]