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What would you pay to keep jobs in your country? – 04042012

Offshore and Outsourcing not but when will enough be enough.  Have you told your _______ company that you do not want assistance from outside the US.  The blank in the sentence can be filled in with words like Health Care Provider, Insurance Company, Credit Card Company, Computer Support, Computer Manufacture etc. I did not put names in just some examples of industries effected by this idea. Additionally the only way companies will recognize this is not what their employees or customers want is to hit them the only way consumers can. 

I wan to say again this is not a new issue my earliest blogs on Outsourcing go back to December 2008 and September 2010.

We had the Wallstreet movement and it go a lot of attention which is great but I am not sure how it effected me. But now it is time for the largest force to make itself known, the consumers.  Tell the companies you do not like the way they are doing business and let them know by sending them complaints and cut down on the business you are doing with them.

I am writing about this topic again because of an article this morning on Baseline’s web site “Millions of Jobs Could Be Sent Overseas” by Dennis McCafferty.  It is a quick slide deck showing where the jobs may going, or better where they seem to not be.  With the US one of the highest consumer purchasing countries you would think that companies would want to keep this base happy and employed.  Unfortunately, bottom line is the driving force and possibly that the US working force feels many jobs are beneath there pay grade.  I am not sure but we need to begin doing whatever it takes to create jobs in the US with or without government assistance before our country begins to be like many countries in Europe. Learn from others and change the course of our future.

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