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E911 a good idea a decade ago how is it today? 04062012

E911 seems like a good idea even today if it weren’t for those darn cellular phones.  I may be wrong but how effective is the system when people no longer use land lines and Cell Phones are the norm for both Companies and Private individuals. I have more customers in my office today that tell me they no longer have home phones.  Even many who do are using VoIP system that all come with a warning that E911 may or may not work. For example RingCentral sent me stickers that say “E911 service may be limited or not available” no surprise because most of my VoIP is on virtual phones on laptops that travel everywhere I go.

I wonder how long it will be before the phone, cell phone, VoIP, cable companies lobby to drop or drastically reduce the tax on this service.  Should we still be paying a E911 tax?

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