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Hot dogs tried 3 and the results are in! – 04102012

For anyone who knows me and food I am a huge fan of good hot dogs, especially Chicago Dogs.  In my recent expedition for food I visited three restaurants that I have been to more than once in the Tampa area. Burger Monger, Burger 21 and Henry’s Chicaago Style.

If you are searching for a replica of a Chicago Hot Dog joint you almost have it at Henry’s Chicago Style.  One thing they have that not a huge number of Chicago Joints have is that they also server Chicago “Thin” Pizza.  While Henry’s makes the true Chicago Dog even the “Green” or “Neon” relish they were not the winner of the actual “dog” in my book. Value comes to play here a little and unfortunately it seems like Henry’s is playing with the smallest dog in the book.  At $3.20 for a dog I think they could up-size the Vienna just a little.

Now on to a different dog of them all the Burger Monger is known for its Kobe Beef burgers but did you know they also server a Kobe Beef hot dog? Yes, it’s true.  The dog was a nice size more like a dinner frank, my guess a 1/4 pounder.  First attempt got sent back because cold hot dogs just do not make it in my book. After the refire, we ate the dog topped with their chili, pickle and mustard.  Not a bad dog and actually a decent value at around $4.00.  However, the taste is a little different than most hot dogs, and I would say that the use of Kobe on my pallet was a waster. Let’s face it a hot dog is a sausage not the Cadillac of meats.  I would say that this dog was my least favorite.

Burger 21 throws down a Hebrew National on my list this is up their with Vienna, Bet Kosher, Nathans and Sabrett.  So we jumped off with a good start just like Henry’s. Now B21 is not know for a Chicago Style but they have a few Dog plays in their book. We tried the Rueben with sauerkraut, Cheese & Ale Sauce and remoulade sauce. Served on their own cozy hot dog bread that looks a little like a folded piece of bread. The bun is definitely a great part of this “Bar Style” hot dog.  On the value scale this is the highest price dog also weighing in around 1/4 of a pound.  Maybe in the future B21 will add the rest of the condiments to serve a Chicago Dog or even make it one of their Burgers “Dogs” of the month.  My taste buds got what they expected out of this hot dog, a little more spice than the Vienna but absolutely a great hot dog.

I guess if it is based on Dog alone my hat is tipping towards Burger 21, but if you are looking for a near Chicago experience in the Palm Harbor area tell everyone that the Computer Shop in Tarpon sent you for a taste of Chicago.

*Note Best Kosher and a few other lines owned by Sara Lee have ceased operations in 2009.

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