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Meatloaf added to Ruby Tuesday’s menu – 04212012

Ok the kid in you want’s to say eeew! But, seriously Ruby Tuesday is serving meatloaf, Triple Prime Meatloaf.  Like most places that meatloaf the portion is a decent size but always leaves you wanting more.  So why did I decide to blog about Meatloaf, simple it was pretty darn good. 

While meatloaf to most is just another way to fancy up hamburger, I like to say it is a way to see how good the restaurant really is.  So to break it down RT serves there meatloaf with 2 sides and they cover the meatloaf with a red sauce not a gravy. 

  • Triple Prime Meatloaf
    A generous portion of fresh, 100% USDA Prime beef, blended in-house with special seasonings then baked with our tangy barbecue glaze.

The waitress did ask up front if I wanted the sauce on the side but I did not, I wanted it on top and they served a little extra in a cup.  The meatloaf was firm which is my preference and smooth textured in side. They finished it on the grill like Lee Roy Selmon’s , but the meatloaf texture is better at RT.

What really put the RT meatloaf on the must try list is the sauce. It is a BBQ sauce that has a bit of a vinegar kick to it and just really compliments the meatloaf.  If I had an option I would add this to the sandwich list and serve a meatloaf sandwich covered in the sauce with string onions and coleslaw.  Go ahead next time you are at Ruby Tuesday and give the meatloaf a try. Check out RT’s new menu too

Ratings: 1 Byte – Low to 5 Bytes – High:
Ruby Tuesday’s Meatloaf gets 4.5 Bytes

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