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Consumer vs Business class computers. 04302012

I have often tried but failed to impress upon my customers the reasons that business class systems are better.  Often it is little things like warranties, quality of the components, and versions of the Operating System.  The following is an excerpt from a SpiceHeads community forum posting that talks about exactly this issue. 

What do you see as the pros and cons of consumer-class versus business-class machines for an IT pro?
I find that a lot of laptops that can be purchased from brick-and-mortar stores are very good in the area of performance. They have plenty of RAM, CPU and HDD storage but the reasons I don’t purchase from brick-and-mortar stores include:

•1-year consumer warranty — Meaning: Wait in line when you call for support
•They contain software that bloats the system — Some software could even be considered malware
•They never come with OEM DVD to reinstall the OS!

Of course, the downside of not selecting consumer-based laptops is that I can expect to spend around 30 percent more per laptop. However, there are advantages to purchasing professional laptops:

•They’re certified to run specific applications (e.g., AutoCAD, ProEngineer, Solid Works)
•They have professional support — One call to resolve support
•They contain enterprise software that I can use to maintain my network. I have some in testing, but I would never have this option with a consumer-grade laptop.
•Greater selection for operating system support (i.e. drivers, firmware, and software support)

The entire spotlight review entitled  “SpiceHead Q&A: Milk your machines for all they’re worth“.

A noteworthy topic especially as we see so many cheap computers in the market today. If you have any questions or concerns give us a jingle.

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