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Toshiba laptop for $100.00 below our wholesale cost. 05231012

In an effort to bring some of the best prices and opportunities to my customers we give up trying to sell through our normal channel which is “Store to You”. Because of the deals we found on the internet we are expanding our affiliate relationship with Amazon and hope our customers will become loyal users […]

Atacks to the left, right and now the android too! 05222012

It is time to make sure you are aware if your device connects to the internet it will be attacked.  It’s not usually the issue of can it be done, its just when will it be done.  This week F-Secure as part of there Q1 mobil threat report an increase in attacks on the Android […]

FaceBook and other high profile sites targeted by Zueus Virus – 05172012

A P2P variant of Zeus virus sights high profile sites like FaceBook, Google, Hotmail and Yahoo.  CRN buzz links to a post at SecurityWeek identifying this issue.  On FaceBook users are seeing an opportunity to earn cash back on their credit cards, at Yahoo and Google users are presented as a security option to improve their […]

FBI issues advisory re: Hotel Interntet use. 05142012

Internet use in hotels especially abroad could be risky.  In an newsletter from CIO Insight it was indicated that the FBI has issued an advisory warning travelers abroad that attacks on computers have been discovered. These attacks look like software updates but are really malware installs.  Truthfully this is nothing new as we have seen […]

Like you cell phone carrier? How about Sprint? – 05112012

Do you like your cell carrier? Do they appear to go out of your way to improve your service or is it more like every other utility company once they have you hostage they can have their way with you? I am going to say I am very unhappy with Sprint and I am also […]

Conficker worm still slithering around. 05092012

Conficker worm still being found in the wild. In Microsoft’s newsletter,  for home “Security for home computer users” , they presented two simple steps to prevent the Conficker worm. Microsoft indicates that for the last 2 years this is still one of the top threats to business and home users too.  The steps to help […]

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