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Like you cell phone carrier? How about Sprint? – 05112012

Do you like your cell carrier? Do they appear to go out of your way to improve your service or is it more like every other utility company once they have you hostage they can have their way with you?

I am going to say I am very unhappy with Sprint and I am also a small share holder with them. However, with that all out of the way I am also a business that uses their service. We defected just a little over a year ago when it looked like T-mobile was merging with ATT and they were talking about changing their data plans plus we thought that after looking at Sprint our monthly fee was going to be a few bucks less! It wasn’t. In the end we actually pay more. Our real problem started about 10 days after getting the phones when we realized that around our home our service kept cutting out.  Over the next month plus we discovered that we had areas we do business in that we could not get a signal in.  But we figured like all carriers that there were just going to be places that it just happens.  The area around our house actually seems to get worse so is that degradation of our phones or the continued poor service of the provider.  Forwarding 13+ months no improvements in service in our home area and I now have more clients in that area and others with no sprint coverage. So like many people I have spoken to we are looking to move our service but are held hostage to the termination fees.

I guess this is a situation were they would rather have unhappy customers speaking out about their poor service, no network upgrading especially in the 4G side in the Tampa Bay area and hopefully our little grass roots campaign will help the company realize that Bad Service = Unhappy Customers.  I will give one plus Sprint is one of the companies that continued to offer all the data, but if you can not connect what good is that.

Below is the follow up to my complaint from Sprint I did not have an verbal contact with this customer service rep and it was all email through early this morning.

* Update as I was writing this blog I was contacted from Sprint and they have suggested a way for us to terminate and recover our termination fees.

Below is the actual response I got from Sprint regarding our Termination fees.

Good day,

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause and do empathize with you. I understand you are concerned with the coverage issues you are experiencing and that you would like the early termination fees waived. Unfortunately, the fees would be valid. You had 30 days to try the service when the account was first opened. Under the contract terms and condition, we cannot guarantee coverage in all areas. The best I can do is send a signal to refresh your devices from our end to see if that helps.

Sprint regularly measures the performance, coverage and speed of our 3G and 4G data networks in an effort to ensure our coverage maps are accurate and up to date. Users of the Sprint 4G network can expect to experience average speeds of 3Mbps to 6Mbps download and up to 1.5Mbps upload with an average latency of 150ms. On the Sprint 3G network, users can expect to experience average speeds of 600Kbps – 1.4Mbps download and 350Kbps – 500Kbps upload with an average latency of 400ms. While on the Nationwide Sprint Network you can expect to experience average speeds of 50Kbps – 70Kbps download and upload with an average latency of 800ms. The average speed and latency of our 4G and 3G networks are suitable for video and audio streaming, web browsing and other general Internet usage consistent with Sprint’s terms and conditions. The average speed and latency on our Nationwide Sprint Network is suitable for web browsing and other light data applications. Speeds may vary considerably from these averages when users are on one of our roaming partner networks.

Our coverage maps and average speed and latency are high-level estimates when using your device outdoors under optimal conditions and are based on a combination of independent third-party testing and Sprint generated results. Coverage isn’t available everywhere. Estimating wireless coverage and signal strength is not an exact science.

There are gaps in coverage within our estimated coverage areas that, along with other factors both within and beyond our control (network problems, software, signal strength, your wireless device, structures, buildings, weather, geography, topography, etc.), will result in dropped and blocked connections, slower data speeds, or otherwise impact the quality of services.

Thank you,

In fairness to Sprint since I composed this blog they have said they will work with us but it has been a battle to get here. I am interested in hearing stories from other and other carriers. Let me know what you have to say?

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