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FBI issues advisory re: Hotel Interntet use. 05142012

Internet use in hotels especially abroad could be risky.  In an newsletter from CIO Insight it was indicated that the FBI has issued an advisory warning travelers abroad that attacks on computers have been discovered. These attacks look like software updates but are really malware installs. 

Truthfully this is nothing new as we have seen huge swings of fake antivirus attacks and now software that installs itself and makes it look like your hard drive is about to crash. 

In the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center, the say software updates of popular software products are being spoofed to get victims to install the malware.

Checking the authenticity by verifying the author or digital certificate is one of the ways to prevent bing infected.  The author of the article in Insight continues to quote discuss some issues with the FBI warning and comments from Graham Cluley of Spphos, an anti-virus software company. Unfortunately the FBI does not issue a solution to the issue, just a warning that the attacks are on the rise.

Our suggestions to our customers is to utilize  solid antivirus solution like Vipre and a 3rd party firewall or Vipre Interment Security from GFI.

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