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FaceBook and other high profile sites targeted by Zueus Virus – 05172012

A P2P variant of Zeus virus sights high profile sites like FaceBook, Google, Hotmail and Yahoo.  CRN buzz links to a post at SecurityWeek identifying this issue.  On FaceBook users are seeing an opportunity to earn cash back on their credit cards, at Yahoo and Google users are presented as a security option to improve their security by linking to 3D Secure service.  The attack does not compromise the 3D Secure Service but leverages on the brand of Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode brands to make the scam more credible.  Trusteer points out this is another way scammers are getting unsuspected users to let their guard down.

This may be one for old adage the more secured the less you really are.

Good luck and safe surfing.

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