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Toshiba 14″ for $479.99 today only. 06302012

Toshiba laptop available through our Best Buy affiliate program for only $479.99. This is a price that is nearly impossible to beat. Toshibal 14″ Satellite laptop 6GB memory 750GB hard drive All for only $479.99 Buy it from Best Buy using this link:Toshiba 14″ Satellite Laptop 6GB Memory 750GB Hard Drive for Only $479.99. Step […]

Help E2 Computers earn a shot at Chase 250K Grant! 06202012

Chase is giving grants for 250K to small business. We would like a shot at this grant to grow a new aspsect of our business. Update 6/29/2012 – We have 14 of 250 votes. Thought I had more supporters than this. Deadline is June 30th.To vote fore us: Click on this link  This is […]

“New” New York Dog at Steak n Shake big apple worthy or not?

New at Steak n Shake the “New York Dog”. They have taken their all beef dog and dressed it with sauerkraut, grilled onions and a deli mustard. Bundle the deal at $3.99 including fries and you have the “New York Dog”.  I will have to admit SnS has a pretty good basic beef dog for […]

How do you use your iPad? 06252012

I am sure this video is already fairly viral but it makes you wonder about other technology abuses in the world.  Check out this video of a great use for an iPad. If you have any ideas of your own please add comments. This video ranks right in their with my early PC support days […]

Domains Product Discounts 5, 10 and even 15%

Check out for web products and use these discount codes to receive big discounts.    5% off $20 or more orders use code rsaa655c (Valid until 6/24/2012) 10% off $60 or more orders use code rsaa655b (Valid until 6/24/2012) 15% off $90 or more orders use code rsaa655a (Valid until 6/24/2012) Special deals from E2 Computers and our […]

AutoCAD be aware a worm has been designed to steal drawings. 06222012

Worms in the wild that steal AutoCad drawings were discovered by eSet Security.  Apparently the infected drawings are being sent to China and so far about 10,000 files have been discovered. Most of the designs involved organizations doing business with the government of Peru.  The file named acad.fas appears to be downloaded with .dwg files […]

Wilson sports is having a design you glove contest, Jesse Katz needs our support! 06212012

Wilson Sports is having a contest for baseball glove designs. My nephew Jesse Katz is in the competition he designed the #2 Green glove in the Brian Wilson division please vote and help him win the division. Click on this link Brian Wilson Division. Vote for #2 Green Glove. Thanks from Steve at E2 Computers […]

Asus x54c almost $100 off retail

We love Asus at E2 Computers and when we can show you a place to get a steal on one we are as happy as a farm animal in mud!  Check out the Asus X54C-ES91 there are only a few left in stock but at $438.00 I think this is worth looking at. ASUS X54C-ES91 15.6-Inch […]

A new world, self-publishing on Amazon. 06182012

Reading email this morning caused me to look something up something on Amazon. Amazon happened to have a story about a young author Jessica Park and her experience trying to get a story/book published.  She went through the usual troubles and no one wanted to pickup her book. She ended up to self publishing. The […]

Hurricane Season? 06152012

Do you know where your backups are? The spring and summer are important times for data awareness in the US. Lightning and major storm events like tornados and hurricanes leave a great opportunity for data loss. This loss applies to businesses and consumer users. So look for  a backup solution that makes sense for you […]