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Archive for June 11, 2012

Make sure if you buy a new pc you get info on the Upgrade to 8 offers. 06-05-2012

Windows 8 upgrade offers are starting to accompany new hardware. Windows 8 is slated to roll out later this year. When you buy hardware from most vendors you will have an opportunity to register with Microsoft for an upgrade to 8. Keep all your paperwork and check out the site https://windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-US/ to keep up to […]

Acer i5 desktop for under 675.00* – 06112012

Looking for a new Intel based i5 Desktop?  Acer VM4618G-UI52321W MSRP of 679.99.  If ordered in-store your cost will be ($629.95 + $18.00(freight) $647.95.  Deposit must be placed at time of order. *Supplies & Discounts are a limited time offer and can be canceled by the manufacture at anytime. Take advantage of Acer’s instant rebate June […]

Feeling tired or stressed at your desk job? 06112012

Is always sitting getting you down? A few tips to energize your daily routine at work. these ideas were presented in a article from BaseLine Intelligence called “Ten Ways to ‘Get Physical’ at Work” by Dennis McCafferty.These tips are not new but great reminders of the little things we can do to sneak in a little […]

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