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Feeling tired or stressed at your desk job? 06112012

Is always sitting getting you down? A few tips to energize your daily routine at work. these ideas were presented in a article from BaseLine Intelligence called “Ten Ways to ‘Get Physical’ at Work” by Dennis McCafferty.
These tips are not new but great reminders of the little things we can do to sneak in a little “exercise” during the day. Doctores and many individuals will all tell you that a little exercise goes a long way and will reduce stress.  So the ten tips are: 

  1. Park a little further away to get in extra steps.
  2. Transit/Bus riders get off one stop earlier and hoof the extra couple of blocks.
  3. Stand while doing usually seditary activity, like talking on the phone or reading reports.
  4. Stairs vs. escalators or elevators. If you do use an escalator walk the steps don’t just ride.
  5. Breathing exercises.  Regular deep breathing can even lead to wait loss.
    1. How to Deep Breathe to lose weight. (Livestrong.com)
    2. Jumpstart you Metabolism by Pam Grout (I hae actuall read this.)
    3. Alternate Nostril Breathing www.wellnesswithrose.com  (YouTube video)
  6. Have face time with other employees instead of IM or eMail actually get up and talk to a coworker. Put the sneaker back into sneaker-net!
  7. Going to lunch walk instead of driving or having it delivered to your desk.
  8. Stretch and take a break from your desk. When a taks at the computer is going to take some time like rebooting, compiling or rendering walk away and stretch you body needs the break from that slouched sitting postion.
  9. No time for a gym? Keep resistance bands or small dumbell at your desk and take a periodic exercise break.
  10. Board when walking, ask coworkers to join you. Exercise, losing weight or having a conversation is always more enjoyable when done with friends so buddy up.

Most of these tips are thins we already know but forget about or just simply need to be pushed. So between Baseline and this reminder maybe your day will get a little better.

Health tip that the techies at www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers of Tarpon Springs thought you might be interested in.

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