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Top 10 Web Threats in first 3 months of 2012. – 06122012

Top 10 “Web Threats”in the first quarter. As published by AVG Technologies in April 2012 and reprinted in Redmond Channel Partner June 2012.

  1. Blackhole Exploit Kit – Pages contain script code used to install malware. 45%
  2. Rouge Scanner – fake antivirus scanners or pages pushing fake scanners. – 27.3%
  3. Pharmacy Spam – Appear as legitimate online pharmacies but are facimilies. – 7.7%
  4. Facebook Scam – Targets facebook users and scams them into links. – 4.7%
  5. Script Injections – injects code to change course or execution of computer. – 4%
  6. Phoenix Exploit – Toolkit used to install range of malware. – 3.7%
  7. Link to Exploit Site – Pages on the we causes code to be downloaded to the often with no user intervention required. – 3.4%
  8. Blackhat SEO – Unethical search engine optimization techniques. – 1.3%
  9. Fake Code – Attempt to trick users into downloading malware, making them believe they need new software for video. – 1%
  10. Invisible IFrame injection. – 1%

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