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E2 Computers give “Big-Box” a run for their customers. 06132012

Can a small business like E2 Computers compete for sales with the Big-Box stores?

Yes we have 2 types of sales that will make this happen.

Group 1 is the Custom builds and Customer looking for hands on support from our technicians. This includes having a certain level of support for the first couple of weeks as they adjust to the new equipment and transition to this new work environment. These customers may also include businesses that need our support to replace equipment and minimize down time.  These customers recognize the trades between cost and services and the benefit of the extra service.  Typically system in this group carry longer manufacturing warranties and configured based on individual usage.  In the past this was our traditional customers.

However, due to Big-Box and On-line companies like Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Staple, eBay, Best Buy, and Office Depot a new customer base has emerged.

Group 2 has several different faces including, extreme budget conscious, DYI’ers, Weekend Shoppers, Online-Shoppers, Craig’s List Shoppers, and the list continues. These customers are price driven and not as service dependent. They also know that if they need the support companies like E2 Computes will be here to provide it. 

To stay competitive we have built relationships with several companies or Affiliate and we publish links for our customers to purchase products from these partners (Affiliates).  One of our newest affiliates is Amazon, and because of this association we are able to compete with our Big-Box competitors.  Our success in this affiliation is dependent on our customers loyalty to link to the sites through our links prior to making there purchases.  Our commissions are directly effected by accurate and up to date cookies for each of the sites.  I will include a few of our links on this Blog entry and hope that everyone will utilize them. I am writing this to help raise awareness to a few of our links.  As we see increases in this type of sales traffic we will reward our loyal customers, this will be announced in the future. 

I am hoping sharply increase our Amazon traffic because they increase our commissions based on the amount of conversions/sales we complete.

Some of our most popular affiiates include the following:
Amazon    Currently computer and electronic parts and custom selected product and offers we suggest to our customers, check out the kink.

  1. eBay        Sales or Purchasing on eBay list and buy trough our links and help us too.
  2. 123Inks    Inks and toners for most printers at huge discounts delivered to the door and usually free shipping on orders around $60.00 or more.
  3. Travelocity
  4. End2EndDomains – our own web hosting and web product company.

Shopping from home opportunities presented by E2 Computers.  Please visit and utilize our links often.

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