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A new world, self-publishing on Amazon. 06182012

Reading email this morning caused me to look something up something on Amazon. Amazon happened to have a story about a young author Jessica Park and her experience trying to get a story/book published.  She went through the usual troubles and no one wanted to pickup her book. She ended up to self publishing. The music industry turned to this along time ago but distribution was difficult. 

The thing here that made me take out time to write this entry is how different times are today.  Because of the HiTech industries and Internet we are doing things we could never do in the past.  But, a cost seems to be paid too.  I am not trying to be jaded or cynical although it will be taken that way.  But, sources are not always credible in the new world. Now before everyone gets too upset sources were not always credible in the old world either. So read on the internet with the mind set that not everything is accurate and sometimes you need to think about what is in it for the other guy. 

Now I also am not using Jessica Park as an example of this issue at all. I think its great that we can do things like this. I also think that Amazon is great in the fact they have set up areas to help people achieve things that were usually way out of most peoples general reach like Self-Publishing (Kindle Direct Publishing), they also have an area for movie production that includes input from individuals as critics, writers, artists, and movie makers and some great flicks to watch check out Amazon Studios and see what this is all about too.

It is an interesting a strange world, unfortunately the tough part of this change is how to guide the evolving work market and employment trends. How do we retrain, or create new roles for everyone. Or, do we have to change the idea of the economic market, currency and cost of goods.  It is interesting but with so much in the world being stolen or given for “Free” how does one earn a living.  More on this in the future.

By the way Jessica Park is a blogger and writer an is the author of the book “Flat Out Love”.
Check out some of her thoughts in her experiences in the Indie world.

Also check out Jessica’s License Notes I think they are a great statment as to the issue that is happening in the world were people are trading bodies of work and the artists etc. are not getting any payment. It is a statement to what is wrong with P2P. I love this comment and everyone should take time to read it and include opinions like this with their bodies of work.
This is Jessica’s Note:

Copyright t 2011 by Jessica Park

This book isa workof fiction. Names. characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons. living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

License Notes:

This efiction is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This efiction may notbe re-sold, if you would like to share, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you re reading this efiction and it was not purchased for your exclusive use, then you should purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of all authors and helping the c-reading community to grow!
On a personal note, I will tell you that if I ever find out that you have posted this book on an illegal file-sharing site and pretended that you were using the site like a library, I will soak a geeky t-shirt in ammonia and beat you with it. Don’t goon those sites, don’t post books. and don’t download books. Not only is it illegal, but it’s a really dick move that completely disrespects authors. If we wanted our books on smarmy sites. we’d do it ourselves. And we don’t. Do not tell me that having my books spread all over these sites is something I should feel flattered about, and that I shouldbe grateful for the enthusiasm and free publicity. This story is my intellectual property, and it’s my decision alonewhere and how I want it distributed. Not yours. And do not tell me that you spend so much money on so many books during the year that you can’t afford even-thing that you want to read. Neither can I. Don’t tell me that thebook isn’t available in your country or the format you need, orblah, blah. blah. It’s available in nearly every format and in paperback for all countries through The Book Depository. Yes. I would like you to have the opportunity to read mybook, but, no, you are not entitled to read it. And you are certainly not entitled to steal it.
If you know someone who is that desperate to read my book, but can’t purchase a copy for whatever reason, send them my way. and we’ll work something out. I want you tobe able to read. butl also want you to play fair.

 If I rambled a little on this I apologize, I just wanted to share some thoughts while they were fresh. Discussion on this topic is extremely welcome, especially because I am touched by so many of these issues. I have had or currently have clients that Publish, Record, and are affected by the changes in the product, medium, and work place.

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