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AutoCAD be aware a worm has been designed to steal drawings. 06222012

Worms in the wild that steal AutoCad drawings were discovered by eSet Security.  Apparently the infected drawings are being sent to China and so far about 10,000 files have been discovered. Most of the designs involved organizations doing business with the government of Peru.  The file named acad.fas appears to be downloaded with .dwg files and when the drawing is open it replicates itself to several locations. The article discusses that the Chinese ISP’s in question are blocking messages to the known email addresses but AutoCad users are urged to search for files indicating that the virus ACAD/Medre.A are not present. For more information about this infection check out the article “Eset Reveals New Worm Targeting AutoCad Drawings” by Ken Presti at CRN.

Other malware and virus news:
Check out the slide deck from Antone Gonsalves “Malicious Malware: Six Ways Cyberciminals Beat Security“.

Craftiest Security-Beating Malware – Malware carrying spam.
  1. Exploiting the Browser – Utilizing known and newly discovered vulnerabilities.
  2. Steal bank credentials – Phishing utilizing look-a-like web sites.
  3. Man-in-the-Browser – Entering information on web sites that we would not provide in an email. This malware waits to inject HTML until you are logged into a VPN or secured site.
  4. Malware Becomes More Human – Malware that acts as if it is live and imitating human interactions.
  5. Mimicking Validation eMails – messages that commonly follow a transaction in business that are not real like a PayPal confirmation, or other money transaction.
  6. Beating Transaction-Signing Protection – Criminals are taking advantage of PIN/Transaction security that uses a physical device. The criminals inject content indicating updates required to security software and will trick the user into sending verification transaction (money) to a fraudulent account.

Check out the complete slide desk on CRN.

More news at CRN:
McAfee releases security option for malware
Apple patches malware targeted at java bug
Mac malware exploits apple delay with java patch.

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