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Once on the internet there are no take-backs!. – 07262012

Chick-Fil-A at war or odds with Jim Henson Company. Not just a chicken sandwich but a political position seems to be brewing in the Chick-Fil-A business.  It is a shame when a political position or opinion hinders the way companies can do business but apparently the kids are affected the most by this battle. No […]

PC sales slump due to Windows 8 announcement. – 07252012

It appears that Windows 8 is currently having a negative effect on the pc and notebook market.  In an article posted by Don Resinger of CIO Minute in the article “Windows 8 Waiting Game Hurts PC Sales“, he points out that Q2 sales were flat worldwide.  US Pc shipments dropping over 10% and it appears […]

2012 Olympics – 07242012

Good luck to the US teams in the 2012 Olympic Games.  For all of you sports nuts this years Olympics should be enjoyable.  To the non-US teams we wish you all well to. Enjoy the summer games! The official site of the 2012 games is http://www.olympic.org/london-2012-summer-olympics During the games take extra precautions when surfing for […]

Do you know about security risks with Windows SideBar? 07142012

So you use “Side Bar” applications, did you know you are at risk? Microsoft has discovered that their are potential threats that exploit the side bar application. The fix from Microsoft is to shut it off.  Microsoft issued this advisory #2719662 issued on 7/10/2012.  The tool to disable and enable the Side Bar can be found here […]

PC Shipments down, and what manufacture leads the market? 07122012

Tablets everywhere, and we mean everywhere from Amazon (Kindle), Samsung, and Apple. So what is the effect on the PC market?  In the retail sector their appears to be a glut PC inventory. According to Bloomberg PC shipments declined .1% in quarter 2. The leader in the market is still HP followed by Lenovo now in […]

Do you view People of Walmart? Are you infected? 07112012

I was talking with another of the techies here at E2 Computers and we were talking about strange photos, mugshots etc.  When we turned to the site People of Wlamart in our discussion and the legality of such a site.  Can you post photos without peoples permission? Why are sites like this not taken down because they […]

New Affiliate SlickWraps add color to your device. 07112012

We are adding a new affiliate to our list of existing retail affiliates. Slickwraps, the company creates protective coatings for electronic devices, not limited to your cell phones either. Want ad “PIZAZZ” to your electronic world then check them out through this link.  Looking to Dress up your: iPad iPhone iPod Cell Phone Laptop Kindle […]

Vipre Internet Security $49.95. 07092012

If you are not using Vipre this may be a good reason to start. Vipre Internet Security (Vipre Premium).  For only $10 more than the original Vipre you can step up to their latest version. If you already have Vipre basic installed and want to upgrade contact us at the store or via email support@end2endsupport.com […]

Widows 8 Pro how do I get there? 07052012

Windows 8 Pro will be rolling out soon, do you want to use it? Do you want to be able to get it cheap? Then “Listen-Up” or just read on. Microsoft is going to offer Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 when the new OS rolls out later this year.  This is great news, sort of!  […]

1000s could lose internet connection this Monday? 07062012

Could you lose your internet on Monday? Apparently there are tens of thousands of computers infected with malware that is playing games with the DNS address required to access the internet. This change may have happened months ago but will have an issue this week because the FBI is going to shutdown the safety net […]

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