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PC sales slump due to Windows 8 announcement. – 07252012

It appears that Windows 8 is currently having a negative effect on the pc and notebook market. 

In an article posted by Don Resinger of CIO Minute in the article “Windows 8 Waiting Game Hurts PC Sales“, he points out that Q2 sales were flat worldwide.  US Pc shipments dropping over 10% and it appears that the research firm IDS attributes this to the pending release of Windows 8.

So what should a consumer or business do?  If this is the only issue that is keeping you from purchasing a new  system Microsoft has you covered. They have an offer that anyone purchasing a PC with windows 7 now can purchase the Windows 8 software for $14.99. Purchases must be made between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013. Check out the upgrade offer site http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/upgrade-offer?ocid=O_WOL_UPG_Home_Upgrade_en-us.

Ok and if you have not read earlier blogs there is an opportunity for upgraders on older systems too.  Windows is planning a $40.00 upgrade to promote initial adoption of the software. See previous blog entry http://blog.end2endsupport.com/2012/07/05/widows-8-pro-how-do-i-get-there-07052012/trackback.aspx.

Windows 8 is slated to arrive October 26 2012, hopefully this will not be a holiday trick.
Check out this preview of Windows 8 to see what the conversation is all about.

I hope this will encourage my customers to buy hardware if they need it and not postpone it, also it is a reminder to my existing customers and readers that they will not be left behind unless they want to be.

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