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Once on the internet there are no take-backs!. – 07262012

Chick-Fil-A at war or odds with Jim Henson Company.

Not just a chicken sandwich but a political position seems to be brewing in the Chick-Fil-A business.  It is a shame when a political position or opinion hinders the way companies can do business but apparently the kids are affected the most by this battle. No more Henson toys in the meals at the restaurants. The company claims a recall (voluntary) for safety reasons but it appears that it may be deeper.

JHC is ending it relationship with Chic-Fil-A because of their support for anti-gay organizations.  Sad that the ones that feel the effect are often not even old enough to understand why the adults are fighting. 

The real thing to learn from this is how a little negative press can travel in the social media.  In the same light you also saw a Greek Olympic jumper get tossed from the games by her own team because of a Tweet that appears to be racially motivated.

Remember once on the internet there are no take-backs!
Check out the article about Chic-Fil-A from the New York Observer, by Foster Kamer.

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