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“Phishing Bait” for this week. 08292012

How did I get this virus? That is almost as popular as the line “A rose by any other name…” or as Erkel would say “Did I Do That”.  According to the company Knowbe4 founded by Stu Sjowerman, formerly of Sunbelt Software, this week goes to Prince Harry.  Looking for “Naked Prince Harry Pictures” originally […]

We are advertising for Square Trade again. 08282012

E2 Computers was approved to advertise for Square Trade warranties as an affiliate publisher.  For our customers that means we are offering links to Square Trade for warranties on electronic products. The following text links will take you to a page for more information: iPhone Warranties iPad Warranties Laptop WarrantiesOrders WarrantiesSquareTrade, Inc. (use this link for […]

Win an annual membership of Online Adobe CS6. 08252012

Adobe is giving away a chance for you to have an Annual Membership of “Adobe Creative Cloud CS6 Giveaway!” Yes win FREE Annual Membership.  For more information and an opportunity to enter click here to Win!  OK so what hoops are you going to have to complete: Follow Pro Design on FaceBook Post by clicking […]

Do we bring on our own security problems? 08222012

My dog is bigger than your dog! I can do it better than you! I can climb a mountain just because it is there!  These are all things a kid says, but even worse it is our “EGO” that makes us try these and by adding the word dare or double dare you thats almost […]

Trojans, botnets, phishing oh my! Whats next? 08212012

It started years ago with a virus known as a Trojan Horse. This type of virus got its name cause it looked like a gift but it packed quite a punch.  As things progressed we developed names for types of viruses as fast as the creators could write them, like worms, malware, bot, botnet and […]

A deal for today 08212012 on a Acer Laptop. 08212012

Looking for a bargain on a laptop? How about an Acer Aspire with an Intel i5 for under $500.00. (While available) Acer equipped with: Intel i5 CPU 4GB Ram 500GB Hard Drive 15.6″ Screen Windows 7 Premium Windows 8 upgrade (

Back to school and fall specials on laptops. 08172012

No frills back to school deals. These have to be pre-ordered and the prices are valid while supplies last from our vendors. We have several laptops that are available at special closeout or back to school specials. Acer Aspire 15.6” Intel B960 – 4G memory  500G hard drive – 404.00 (plus tax) Cash Price. Acer […]

What is 82,050 represent in the IT industry? 08122012

Can you imagine what 82,000 people looks like? It is a small city.  That is how many layoffs are going to happen in just 10 large IT companies.  In an article from CRN Tough Year in Tech: 10 Crushin 2012 Layoffs by Chad Berndtson he lists 10 companies that are laying off this year. When […]

Google fined over $22 Million. Did you get your piece of 22.5 million dollars? 081321012

What would you do with $22.5 Million dollars?  Well Google is going to pay fines to clear itself of a cookie / privacy issue stemming back as far as 2009.  I think it is great that the courts ruled against Google but after trying to read the article I had a couple of questions of […]

Who really wins? Where does the money really go? 08152012

Where does the money really go? I was reading MSN news about a school case where students sued the school and won.  The details of the case are not important, this is not about the merit of the suit. What was found out of balance is where the money goes. 7 families were involved and […]

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