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What does Phishing and the Olympics have in common? 08062012

Phishing an act to gain personal and sensitive data from unsuspected users, Olympics a sporting competition held every 4 years, not very similar at all. However using a reference to “Fishing” the lure or bait is the topic “the Olympics” that the Phishing sites are utilizing.

So what are some common bait items?


  1. Tickets
  2. Jobs as a Cash Officer
  3. eMail identifying the recipient as part of large cash prize.
  4. eMail identifying the individual is needed for a job as coordinator or event staffer.
  5. eMail indicating you are shortlisted for the opportunity to be an Equestrian Steward.
  6. eMail warning of a virus with a subject line of “Invitation” and an image of the Olympic Torch.  According to the Olympic Web site the virus does not even exist.
  7. eMail informing you that you have almost one 2 Million.
  8. eMail indicating you have one a promotion that includes all “Internet Users”. The prize is 500K GBP and email contains a reference number.
  9. Text message indicating you have just one 300K in the London 2012 Lotto.
  10. eMail “Early Check-in” exploits a known Office flaw and unleashes 2 trojans on the user, as well of a host of malware.  Its goal is to eventually get you to give up you credit card number.

To review more details about this top 10 list visit the article “10 Olympic-Themed Phishing Scams to Avoid at All Costs” by Ken Presti of CRN.

Ideas to keep you safe during the Olympic Games presented by the Techies at www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers of Tarpon Springs.

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