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Microsoft eats its own dogfood, 08092012

Microsoft eats its own dogfood this week! What the heck they are serving ALPO in the MS cafeteria.  No not exactly. Microsoft rolled out Windows 8 to over 30K employees this week.

Microsoft Store 

Our initial reaction is that the install went rather  smooth but as we played with it we were getting more random application errors from the base applications.  We are trying to stay positive and look forward to the new interface and OS but have some reservations as to how “Tiles” are helpful when many of our users and customers are not using touch screen devices.  If you ffers-06-05-2012.aspx” target=_blank>recently purchased a Windows 7 based system may be able to upgrade for as low as $20.00. For many the upgrade is going to be one of the lowest priced in Windows’ history if done early less than $50.00.

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