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What are some virus/malware targets today? 08092012

Current targets of malware and virus activity change on a regular basis.  However, today there are Phishing targeting ADP and other outsourced payroll firms. 

CRN magazine sights a study by Internet Storm Center pointing out that a great target for keylogging is the payroll system with access to all the information needed.  The report indicates that often an email will indicate that the digital certificate is expiring and has a link for the user to update, gotchya! The email sent as posted on ADP’s website has a subject line “ADP Generated Message: First Notice – Digital Certificate Expiration.”  Shortly there will be other versions if this is typical of the way Phishing letters spread so be careful on emails you read and try to verify the links before clicking.

In another related article from CRN the indicate that web applications are attacked about 1/3 of the time or 120 days a year. This is probably not a surprise to most users of the internet.  The article also talks about how hackers have automated tools to do the attacks. The criminals are extremely tech savvy.

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