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Google fined over $22 Million. Did you get your piece of 22.5 million dollars? 081321012

What would you do with $22.5 Million dollars?  Well Google is going to pay fines to clear itself of a cookie / privacy issue stemming back as far as 2009.  I think it is great that the courts ruled against Google but after trying to read the article I had a couple of questions of my own.

  1. Why is Apples browser set apart from all the others?
  2. If the victims are the consumers what are we gaining from this lawsuit?
  3. Will Google have to pledge the same level of privacy to users of IE or Firefox?
  4. What is a cookie? (Threw this in just to see if anyone was reading)
  5. Pay fine admit no Guilt, why doesn’t that work for speeders, DUI, bank robbery, fraud etc.?
  6. The FTC ruled previously “..barred Google from misrepresenting the extent to which consumers could exercise control over the collection of their information..” What the hell does this really mean?  If I say “I collect everything” does that make it OK?

Legal speak is an interesting language but after reading the information about this we came to one conclusion, we are not getting any richer from this settlement. In fact we are not gaining much except the security that the government is watching our backs, sort of.  Maybe the fine should be applied directly to the National Debt, or the entire amount to charity. 

Is this possible could we fix the economy by reappropriating these large fines?

To read the article about this settlement check out this link at CRM.com.

Another example of where did the money go presented by the techies at www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers of Tarpon Spring.

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