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Who really wins? Where does the money really go? 08152012

Where does the money really go? I was reading MSN news about a school case where students sued the school and won.  The details of the case are not important, this is not about the merit of the suit. What was found out of balance is where the money goes. 7 families were involved and the settlements was for $500,000. Here is what was paid per the settlement agreement..

“Under the settlement, the students will split $280,000, which works out to $31,428 each. Their attorney, Alan H. Schorr of Cherry Hill, will get $220,000.”

It is amazing to think these students who are in an impoversihed school situation according to the news article are going to get less than the attorney who handled the case.  We are not trying to tell anyone what is fair to charge for their time, this is just another example of the money probably not going to those who need it or who really were the victims of the case.


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