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What is 82,050 represent in the IT industry? 08122012

Can you imagine what 82,000 people looks like? It is a small city.  That is how many layoffs are going to happen in just 10 large IT companies.  In an article from CRN Tough Year in Tech: 10 Crushin 2012 Layoffs by Chad Berndtson he lists 10 companies that are laying off this year.

When you total just these 10 companies it is the equivalent of the population of small towns. In July we added less than that to the US Jobs market, according to the web site Family Security Matters.   Below is a list of the 10 companies and the layoffs planned. The second part of the table are some cities with there census population and what % of the population is represented by the total layoffs.

Company #’s Cut Cities Population % of city layoffs would represent.
HP 27,000.00 New Port Richey FL 14,961.00 548.43%
Cisco 14,300.00 Albany NY 97,660.00 84.02%
Yahoo 2,000.00 Louisville KY 253,128.00 32.41%
Nokia 4,000.00 Des Plaines IL 58,617.00 139.98%
Google & Motorola 4,000.00 Troy MI 81,508.00 100.66%
Logitech 450.00 Miami FL 408,750.00 20.07%
Sony 10,000.00 Tampa FL 346,037.00 23.71%
Panasonic 17,000.00 Chicago IL 2,707,120.00 3.03%
Progress Software 300.00
RIM 3,000.00
Total 82,050.00

Scary to think this many jobs are going away in so few companies.

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