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Archive for August 21, 2012

Trojans, botnets, phishing oh my! Whats next? 08212012

It started years ago with a virus known as a Trojan Horse. This type of virus got its name cause it looked like a gift but it packed quite a punch.  As things progressed we developed names for types of viruses as fast as the creators could write them, like worms, malware, bot, botnet and […]

A deal for today 08212012 on a Acer Laptop. 08212012

Looking for a bargain on a laptop? How about an Acer Aspire with an Intel i5 for under $500.00. (While available) Acer equipped with: Intel i5 CPU 4GB Ram 500GB Hard Drive 15.6″ Screen Windows 7 Premium Windows 8 upgrade (

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