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We are advertising for Square Trade again. 08282012

E2 Computers was approved to advertise for Square Trade warranties as an affiliate publisher.  For our customers that means we are offering links to Square Trade for warranties on electronic products.

The following text links will take you to a page for more information:

iPhone Warranties
iPad Warranties
Laptop Warranties
Orders Warranties
SquareTrade, Inc. (use this link for any items not listed above)

Square Trade is one of the leaders in 3rd Party warranties for electronic equipment. We started recommending them to our clients a few years ago, even before we had the ability to earn revenue and our owner has had used Square Trade on their XBOX equipment, and laptops.

As Square Trade has posted in some of their banners in the past “Stuff Breaks”, now you can protect yourself.

Product specials and offerings presented by the Techies at www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers.

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