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Subscribe to our newsletters, and specials. 09302012

October is just around the corner, and so is our 9th year anniversary in January (8th as part of Simply Reliable Solutions, llc.). we will be offering specials and you won’t want to miss them. To get some of these deals and if we get enough new subscribers maybe even giveaways you must Opt In! […]

Rent to own computer users were spied on by RTO companies? 09272012

You think big brother watching is a weird statement but how much are they watching?  A group of Rent to Own Computer companies and a software firm were recently fines by the FTC for “Flagrant” computer spying.  The companies apparently used software installed on the system to try to track the computer to assist in […]

Free Halo 4 Posters with pre-order! 09222012

Best Buy is offering a free poster with the pre order of the Upcoming installment of Halo. You can purchase Halo 4 from Best Buy and receive the promotion but this must be done by 11/5/2012.  Don’t Delay. (Yes this purchase from Best Buy does generate some income for E2 Computers so please order through […]

Do you Google App on XP? 09222012

Do you use Google Apps? Are you running on XP or newer OS but IE Browser 8 or lower? If so then you won’t be doing Google Apps anymore.  Thanks to Cali Lewis and her current episode of GeekBeat.TV in her episode about the new Apple iOS 6 – The Good and The Bad she […]

Current top ultrabooks on Amazon. 09152012

Amazon’s top ultrabooks for the week  as of September 15th.   Intel Ultrabooks, check out the Ultrabook Story from Intel,  are the new must have in the laptop industry. These systems are some of the lightest and  full powered laptops . Ultrabooks is a standard configuration being driven by Intel like the Centrino, and Centrino 2 […]

Twitter, FB etc. do they fall under the right for “Free Speech”? 09122012

Should these companies be protected like we protect newspapers and their writers? Twitter has been asked to release account information and data to the Government, involving prosecution of a Occupy Wall Street protester.  The current debate is utilizing the 4th Amendment which guards our privacy against unreasonable search and seizures.  But, does the account owners First […]

We are back up after GoDaddy was hacked. 09112012

GoDaddy.com was the target of DOS on 09/10/2012 leading to several of our sites being down.  Sorry for the inconvenience the outage effected our www.end2endsupport.com, www.end2enddomains.com, www.gotavirusbug.com, and http://blog.end2endsupport.com. We are glad to report as of this morning we are back on line.According to an article posted by Jeremy Kirk at ComputerWorld . The outage began […]

September is a month of specials at Mac Mall. 08062012

Mac Mall is running specials this month check them out at the link below. Deals will vary at different times during the month of September. Check it out and get a Mac or related product here: Special offers presented by E2 Computrers in Tarpon Sprigns and www.end2endsupport.com Copyright 2013 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 […]

Hot new version of Paralles for your Mac! 08042012

Does your Mac do Windows? Did you wish it could.  Then check this product out: Do you still have 1 or 2 things that just run better in windows? Rather have a application appear in the native Mac environment instead of having to decide Windows or Mac today?  Well this may be just the utility […]

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