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Current top ultrabooks on Amazon. 09152012

Amazon’s top ultrabooks for the week  as of September 15th.  

Intel Ultrabooks, check out the Ultrabook Story from Intel,  are the new must have in the laptop industry. These systems are some of the lightest and  full powered laptops .

Ultrabooks is a standard configuration being driven by Intel like the Centrino, and Centrino 2 of the past.  The ultrabook must pass several specification in weight, thickness and specific board and chip specifications.  Most of this class are at the higher end of the laptop market. However, there are several entries under $1000.00 and even a few around the $700.00 range.  The Amazon link provided is a link to some of the top Ultrtabooks currently being sold in the Amazon marketplace.  One of the newest manufactures in the PC/Laptop game is Vizio and as you will see on the Amazon pages it is under $700.00. Check out the Amazon Vizio user reviews.

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