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Do you Google App on XP? 09222012

Do you use Google Apps? Are you running on XP or newer OS but IE Browser 8 or lower? If so then you won’t be doing Google Apps anymore.  Thanks to Cali Lewis and her current episode of GeekBeat.TV in her episode about the new Apple iOS 6 – The Good and The Bad she snuck in the Google announcement about no longer planning on supporting the older version of IE.  Expect this to happen about the same time as the Windows 8 rollout and full rollout of IE 10 on November 15th. Cali will mention it at this video at the 2:55 mark just for those who want to hear the important stuff.

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Also worth noting in Cali Lewis’s review is that not everything rolled out smoothly at apple this time around. While she is saying that an image of Steve Jobs is displayed.  My thoughts exactly, is this the end of the easy Apple Experience that Apple Fans have known.  That will be up to you.  Hope this tidbit of Google news and links to an interesting episode of GeekBeat.TV will make your weekend better.

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