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Hack called “Creative in Nature”! – 10/29/12

It is almost Halloween scary or even maybe insulting when someone would use the words “Creative in Nature” to describe a cyber attack. Don’t get me wrong almost all cyber attacks are creative thats why I sort of took note of Governor Nikki Haley’s description of an attack on the Department of Revenue in South […]

Order Windows 8 Upgrade as low as 69.99$ – 10/25/2012

Windows 8 is due out shortly Order now through our links and help E2 Computers get paid.  This link is to the Windows 8 Pro Pack upgrade. This is to allow you to upgrade from any version of Windows and has some added features over the regular Windows 8 Pro upgrade package. Order Now! This […]

Windows 8 rolls out 10/26/2012. 10/25/2012

Windows 8 ships tomorrow.  Have not ordered yours yet thats ok. Microsoft is offering some great incentive pricing to get you to convert.   Visit our links to the Microsoft Store and snatch a copy of Windows 8 Pro Pack for the same price as Windows 8 Pro. Correction this package is uesed to upgrade Windows […]

20 different type of malware hit US Banks. – 12/24/2012

ZD Net has reported that a Large US bank was attacked by 20 different crimware families.  One of the interesting things pointed out in the article was that for a long time cybercrimanals were trying to attack the infrastructure of the bank.  But, now they changed their focus and are actually atacking the customers.  They […]

COBOL what? No I did not say Snowball. – 10/23/2012

Who thought Cobol was dead?  I know there are a few of you out there that don’t even know what Cobol is.  However, many of us who have programmed computers are familiar with this language and many even thought it was going to be gone.  Well Cobol still lives but programmers are harder to find […]

Windows 8 – Pre-Order – 10/23/2012

Windows 8 is rolling out on 10/26 and I have access to limited quantities of discounted OEM Software.  I am accepting orders for customers as long as I can continue to get them from my suppliers. You must contact the store and pay ahead for your copy. If we cannot fulfill any orders funds will […]

Create Jobs in America especially customer service! 10-20-2012

I have had it up to the tip top of my balding head!  I can not stand calling customer service for a so-called American Company and getting a foreign help desk.  Look I know companies are doing it because labor is cheap in other countries, or the employment rules are eased. But, seriously companies should […]

Freestuff maybe at FreeFlys. – 10/19/2012

freeFree stuff we are always looking for it. No Free lunch is what my grandmother always told me.  But, I was contacted by Mike who viewed our blog and he suggested we promote the website  I am not a member of the site at this time, but I did take a quick look and then […]

eFax email hoax recieved – 10/19/2012

Today is a good day to get spam and possible virus infecting or Phishing emails. The rat today is a fake email from eFax.  Key signs that told me this could be trouble and I hope you will see the same if you receive one like this. 1. I do not have an eFax account!2. The […]

Skype social media attack of the week. 10132012

It appears that the malware world turned its sights on the Skype users this week.  Apparently they are falling victim to a eMail attack trying using the false pretenses of a Password Change.   The payload to this is not a simple it appears to be a worm spreading across the system.  eMails informing your password has been […]