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Skype social media attack of the week. 10132012

It appears that the malware world turned its sights on the Skype users this week.  Apparently they are falling victim to a eMail attack trying using the false pretenses of a Password Change.   The payload to this is not a simple it appears to be a worm spreading across the system.  eMails informing your password has been changed are being spammed according to NakedSecurity see post

On the post you will see a sample of the email that was received. The links according to Graham Cluley appear to be legit links, but the included Zip file with instructions is where the present seem to be.  It is a variant of a Trojan Backdoor virus “Torj.Backdr-NH” as reported by Sophos.

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Remember we also mention a few days ago that Battlenet/Diablo/WOW has a Phishing attack using eMails that talk about suspended accounts because you are trying to sell your account, check the links in the eMail because some appear to be from Blizzard and others clearly are not.

Security updates from you techies at E2 computers.

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